Getting All Past Events for your group

If you’re an organizer on, it’s a pain to look for events that have happened in the past in your group. Meetup doesn’t have a way to search only within your group, and paging through the calendar is a pain if your group is old or if you have a lot of events.

I’ve written a quick Python script that uses’s API to get all of a Meetup group’s meetup events and generate an easy-to-search and view report. For the Jornada Hiking & Outdoors Club, you can see a report of all our previous events.

The script is on Github as a gist if you’d to run it against your own groups. You’ll need to know the group’s “custom address” (which is also in the URL for your group) and have an API key.

After installing the dependencies (Python 3.4+, click, jinja2, and requests), usage is pretty easy:

Usage: [OPTIONS]

--groupname TEXT
Name of group in URL, i.e.<groupname>/
--apikey TEXTYour API key, from
--helpShow this message and exit.

If you’ve found this blog post, downloading and running the script might be too much for you. Feel free to contact me with a link to your group and I’ll e-mail a list for your group.


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