Weekend irony with the University of Florida

Irony: this weekend (Apr 21–22), NPR’s Wait Wait˙ Don’t Tell me! re-ran a segment with author Jack Gantos. In it, Jack Gantos makes a crack at the University of Florida:

I drove up to University of Florida. It looked just like my high school — a giant football facility with a small academic institution

Apparently, University of Florida thought this was a compliment. Forbes reports (via) that University of Florida has eliminated research & graduate work in its Computer Science department, while simultaneously significantly increasing funding for athletics.

A clarification missing from the Forbes article: UF is eliminating research and graduate work in its computer science department, just like it did for its nuclear engineering department the year prior. The departments will remain as severely gimped teaching-only undergraduate departments… not unlike a glorified community college.

Keep it real University of Florida!


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