Upload multiple photos to Meetup without Flash

Do you use Meetup and upload multiple photos regularly, but hate doing it?

Meetup has an multiple-photo feature that uses Adobe Flash, but as you can expect of Flash it’s not particularly reliable or stable. There no reason to put up with Flash’s nonsense—HTML5 includes a multiple-file upload control, well-supported by the latest Web browsers. Unfortunately, despite my posting a wishlist item (please vote!), Meetup has done nothing to support it.

So I did it myself: if you use Chrome or Greasemonkey/Scriptish for Firefox, install this user script: Meetup: HTML5 multiple-file upload for photos, also available on GitHub (direct download).

Once installed:

  1. Go to the “Old Upload Form” for your Meetup group or album. This can be tricky to get to, but the URL looks like: http://www.meetup.com/GROUPNAME/photos/upload/
  2. Make sure you’ve selected the right album.
  3. You should only see one file upload widget (the “Old Upload Form”, before this script, had 10).
  4. Click it, and you’ll notice you can select multiple photos you want to upload. Go ahead and do so.
  5. After you’re done selecting and dismiss the widget, the page will now tell you which photos you’ll be uploading.
  6. Click upload to start uploading photos.

Enjoy uploading your photos without Flash’s crashing, errors, or mayhem!

A note: if you use Firefox, you won’t be able to know how much you’ve uploaded (unlike Chrome, Firefox has no built-in upload progress meter). Try the Upload Progress add-on to keep tabs on your uploads.

UPDATE [19 Aug 2015]: UserScripts.org has been down for a long time… I’ve linked to the script on GitHub for the time being.


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